We knew that trying to explain the breadth and complexities of BMW’s plug-in hybrid line-up in one go wouldn’t make for great content. We needed a hero.
Luckily, we had one in the BMW 330e which had just received a 4.5-star Autocar review, with What Car? naming it the best Executive Car and best Plug-in Hybrid in the 2020 What Car? Awards.
We built on this expert editorial endorsement by putting BMW’s star model – a lynchpin of its PHEV line-up – into the hands of premium saloon intenders from our audience for the ultimate peer-to-peer validation.
After experiencing the BMW 330e’s electric refinement and charged up performance at Goodwood, their verdict was clear: it had all the benefits of a plug-in hybrid, without losing BMW’s premium performance wow factor.
Once we’d introduced BMW’s no-compromise PHEV technology, our hero video was backed up by native stories and social content that went more in-depth with a model-by-model guide to BMW’s plug-in hybrid range.
Despite launching our campaign at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the BMW PHEV campaign has already achieved over 59,000 views to date across our What Car? and Autocar YouTube channels – delivering over 2,020 hours of exposure for BMW to our audience of in-market car buyers.

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